Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't look back in anger

So it's only been a few hours since Marie left, and I'm already angry. Not at her, or anything that happened this weekend, mind you. It's the stupid internet. Well, the connection really. See, I'm not supposed to be able to get wireless in my room, yet I have been all year long. Well, now it's stopped working so I've called and called and submitted work orders for the land-line connection and haven't heard from anyone. Their business hours, according to their voicemail, are 8am-6pm Monday-Friday. Well, guess what? I called today at 10am only to get their voicemail AGAIN! So I walked all the way to their office at the College Inn and NO ONE IS IN THE FREAKING OFFICE and there's no explanation as to why. It's just very frustrating when people aren't helpful, especially those who have been hired to help. I just want this problem resolved so I don't have to keep walking across campus to get access and then walk back to my room with my laptop open just so I can keep the connection going. They have no idea how aggravating they're being. Oy.


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Marie said...

aww try not to worry about it too much, my love. everything will be fixed before you know it! i love you so much babe!