Monday, March 3, 2008

It's just emotions taking me over

So yesterday I cried and I have no idea why.

Sob Session #1: OK, so I didn't cry that much, but I did tear up during the sermon, which I never do. It was Right-to-Life Sunday and Bro. Gary shared a story about a girl in the church who got pregnant and her parents encouraged her to get an abortion and he pleaded with them to let the baby live and they kept the baby and he graduated from high school last year.

Sob Session #2: I got the parentals to leave a little early so I could go see Marie off but I called her and she had already left and there was no way for her to let me know ahead of time because her text messages wouldn't activate.

Sob Session #3: After I got in a fight with Mallory over using her car for Spring Break. It's just a frustrating situation because hers is the only car I can use because our other vehicles suck and I have to pay her to use it and I got really stressed because if I have to pay for two fill-ups and $10 a day to borrow it, I won't have any money to do anything in Austin once Marie and I get there.

But then I got back to Denton just in time so Bryan was able to pick me up and go to OverFlow, and boy did I need that message. It was one of those messages you here all the time (about how God's blessings are just that: God's, not yours), but the way it was conveyed made it feel fresh and tailor-made for me to hear. I don't need to worry about paying for Austin; it'll be taken care of. I may not get to do everything I WANT to, but the expenses will be taken care of.

I already miss Marie but she'll be here on Saturday and I am so so excited, especially because she gets to stay longer and go to OverFlow with me and meet all my friends.

And super-exciting news: I don't have the dreaded Journalism Lab today, so if I'm studious, I can get another paper or two written, which means less time I have to stress about them this week, which is less time I have to stress about them this weekend.

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Alex(andra) Cavnar said...

Thanks for commenting on the bloggy Kipper!!!

I think it's cool that you are able to post on your blog about crying because most guys would be ashamed of it. Sometimes in life though you just have to cry, and even though I'm a girl I think even guys need to sometimes because it's very healthy!

I hope you have a good week at school!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless!