Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On your machine I slur a plea for you to come home

Like every Tuesday and Thursday, I find Music Appreciation to be way too long and Human Sexuality to be way too short. Luckily, I'm doing well in both. I got B's on all my tests from last week (pending my grade on my Gerontology exam, which I'll find out tomorrow), so things are going well. Need to do a bit better, but it looks like I won't have to kill myself for the rest of the semester, which is good.

I really hope Marie can come home this weekend. It's our anniversary and I miss her so much. I really want to see her at least once before our trip to Austin. She's so amazing and I'm so lucky to have her. I know I don't deserve her at all. I'm so blessed.

Work was good for once today. I felt like I had just enough to do. Not too much, not too little, but just right. I hope that this trend continues.

Sometimes I wonder just how ignorant people can be. Yet again the maniacs of the Westboro Baptist Church are protesting innocents' funerals. This time it's the poor victims of the Northern Illinois University tragedy. What's really sad though is it seems we're powerless to stop these cowards. They're definitely covered by the First Amendment, and we have to keep the First Amendment if we're to remain a free country. I just wish we could silence these goons. It's so terrible and they're perverting the Christian faith just like terrorists pervert the name of Islam. We need to unite to stop these monsters.

And speaking of ignorance, I wish people would just wake up and realize that America can't afford four more years of the status quo. We can't afford to have a leader who's beholden to special interests and lobbyists. We can't afford to have a leader who will keep us in Iraq. We can't have a leader who's going to talk a good game about immigration and health care. We need someone who will actually deliver change, instead of use it as a buzzword. And the only candidate who offers that is Barack Obama. He's the only one who can unite the country and get Washington to actually start working again. (Feel free to comment on this section.)

Well, I'm off to shower and start writing my ridiculous outline for Spanish. How stupid is this? I have to have a detailed outline or transcript for a Spanish presentation on Friday, but my actual presentation isn't until April. Ugh.

I can't believe class schedules are out for Fall 2008 already. I can't even register until April, but I do have a rough schedule already. And I hope I can take this Mythic Rhetoric of the American Superhero class, but it's only on Wednesday nights. We'll see. Everything else will be required stuff for me (Spanish, Journalism, Science, etc.) so it'll be nice to do something fun.

Well, that's all for now.

Good night, and good luck.


Marie said...

yay! i am glad you did well on your tests my love!!!! and you totally do deserve me! i am the one that doesn't deserve you! you're the awesome and amazing and most wonderful person alive! i love you so much! and i can't wait to see you!!!!!!

Alex(andra) Cavnar said...

update your blog or die bitch

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