Monday, February 25, 2008

This one goes out to the one I love

So it's been awhile since I've updated. I know you're all just DYING to hear what's going on in my life. Ha!

But yeah, things are going quite well. I'm hoping that with a little more effort, I can keep my GPA the same for this semester. It'll take some more work on my part, but I hope I can stay committed.

I finished applying for scholarships today. Some of it was a big waste of time because even my "recommended" scholarships including criteria like "attending the College of Business Administration," but hopefully I'll get a lot more money than I did this year. I really want Mallory to focus on applying, because I really want us both to take more of the burden off our grandparents and parents.

We didn't have Journalism lab today (praise the Lord), but we still had a stupid assignment. Man, I really hope my idea for covering a speech or meeting goes over well. I really don't want to do this project, but hopefully I'll be able to cover something I want.

Going back to this weekend: Friday night was a blast. It was just one of those great nights where you don't really know what's going to happen, but it all just turns out great. Seriously, I could not have a better group of friends here. You guys are amazing.

Saturday was semi-important. The whole family went and voted in the primaries. I felt so independent, going against the grain and voting Democrat. I didn't really mean to vote against Kay Bailey Hutchison, but she'll probably be re-elected anyways.

It was also great to hear missionary Jeremy Pittman speak on Sunday. He's a personal hero of mine, especially after hearing what happened to him last year. Afterwards, I stayed chatting with Derek as usual, but this time we missed the ENTIRE FREAKING SERVICE because we were busy yammering away, but what a great time. We ran the whole gamut, from politics to movies to religion, with the Craziest Man Alive (I'm using this apt nickname because I don't wish to use the guy's real name, and I also don't know his name for sure; but rest assured, he's insane) interjecting his opinions about all of these things.

Sunday night's Oscar telecast, while the lowest-rated in history, was probably the best ceremony ever. Really, Jon Stewart was a class act and there were some real surprises. I got all but two of the major nominees correct.

Boy, do I miss Marie. Luckily, I'll get to see her either Friday or Saturday so it's very soon. And I'll get to see her the weekend after that, and then the following Thursday we're leaving for Austin!!! It sounds like some other people may be tagging along (just for the trip down there), but I'm ok with it if she is! I'm so excited, you have no idea.

Tonight's Bible study was really interesting. Lots of heated (never out-of-control) discussion about if a person is habitually sinning without remorse, is he really a Christian? It's a tough topic to tackle, but hopefully I'll be able to continue to give biblical insight in the coming weeks.

Well, that's all for now.

Good night, and good luck.


Alex(andra) Cavnar said...

I'm going to be in Austin the whole week of spring break so if ya'll want to hang out call me!!! My sister and I are going to be getting crunk, so I might be inebriated when you call, but I'll still be fun!!!!!!!

Alex(andra) Cavnar said...

PS- thanks for finally updating your blog!!!!! now you don't have to die!!! :)

Marie said...

yay you updated!!! lol. yeah it seems like everybody and their mom are going to be in Austin for spring break....
love you babe! can't wait for our awesome trip!!!